#Writers — Another Tip to Get Unblocked

So, you’ve gone to the library (see last post) and now you have a stack of books that represents your possible next project. And, you stare at them on your desk, willing the information to be absorbed into your brain.  Sadly, you are wasting valuable brain cells!  There is no getting around it–you have to open the books. As you leaf through the books, there are ways to start filtering your information–whether or not you’ve zeroed in on what you want to write about.  Here are some suggestions:

Organize:  This is a fall back technique that has lifted me out of many creative ruts.  Choose your own weapons. I tend toward file boxes, index cards and bulletin boards.  At the beginning of a project, or just to be inspired–I write myself notes where I can see them everyday. On a white board at eye level I might just write: WRITE SOMETHING TODAY!!

My index file box may have different dividers, depending on where I am in a project.  Here are some possible sections to include:

  1. Themes
  2. Characters
  3. Settings
  4. Topic Facts
  5. Philosophy (your own over-riding ideas about a topic)
  6. Why Write It (your personal reasons for writing about the topic)

Once I start to really work on the project, I like to use index cards in plain view on my bulletin board to help me along.  If I’m working on plot, for instance, I may map it out on cards on my bulletin board to be able to rearrange them as I write.

I KNOW you writers out there have tips of your own that you can share to help us all get writing and stay on track, so please share them here in the comments section.  And, subscribe to this blog to keep up on new ideas as they are added to the posts.

Happy writing!

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