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#Self-Publishing to Traditional: One #Writer’s Journey (2)

Letting Go Of Editing Fear

Writers tell me they are interested in hearing about the editing process with a traditional publisher after having self-published. What happens if you don’t agree with your new editor? What if you hate the newly designed cover? How do you negotiate? Or is that even an option?

I can only talk about my own experience so far, and I’ll share as much as possible here as things progress to publication. Right now my manuscript is being copy edited. That’s not to say it hasn’t been copy edited before. It has. At least four times by different eyes other than mine.… Read more

Oh, Sister

I was back in my hometown in New Jersey this past weekend for my high school reunion, which was surprisingly wonderful. The town brings back all my memories of growing up with my mom and dad and sister. On my last visit I scattered my parents’ ashes in the river that runs through the town. They died within months of each other so that it was possible for a double feature, so to speak.

On this trip, I planned to do the same with my sister Linda’s ashes, which had been her request, but complications in getting the ashes and family together got in the way. … Read more