#Self-Published #Memoir to Traditional: Photo Choices

As I move closer to my publish date for Replacement Child on March 5th (Seal Press), all the details seem to be sweeping in on the fall breeze. I love this time of year, and it calms me just to look out my office window at the orange and gold leaves. Ahhh! Ok, that’s enough relaxation–back to work!

This week was dedicated to sifting through photos for the book and choosing carefully for the eight pages of photos that will be included. I’ve heard from readers of memoir that they love to see the pictures that illuminate a story, so I want to be sure to have the ones that readers will want to see. What kind of photos do you like in your memoirs? And do you look at those first before reading?

It’s so hard to decide.

I want to have pictures of my sister, Donna, who died in the plane crash.

And of my other sister, Linda, who survived against all odds.

Then there are the photos that tell the story of the different relationships within the family. My dad holding Donna and then me, the pictures of Donna and me at the same age. The ones of Linda holding me as a baby, just as Donna had held her. Those are the ones that resonate with me as intricate parts of the story, and that I think readers will want to see. Do you think so?

What makes it a little easier is that I know I can put the remainder of the photos on the Replacement Child website, so readers will be able to find them to dive more deeply into the story.

What’s your thought about photos in memoirs?


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