#Private Practice Episode Touches on 'Replacement Child' Theme

Last night’s episode of Private Practice on #ABC centered on a terrible choice parents had to make to save only one of their twins who suffered from leukemia, and not the other. They had conceived and delivered a new baby in order to use the blood from his umbilical cord to treat their twin girls, but it turned out that there were only enough cells for one child to benefit. My head spun around all the replacement children in the story! First, little Trevor, the new baby, was born specifically to heal his siblings and save his family. Then, one twin was ultimately treated with the cord blood when the other took a turn for the worse and could not be treated in any case. So, the surviving twin would certainly feel the impact of being her sister’s replacement for her parents. My only hope was that they all sign up for ongoing therapy at the Practice!

One Commentto #Private Practice Episode Touches on 'Replacement Child' Theme

  1. Dear Judy,
    I second your notes on this episode, heart wrenching indeed, every aspect of the story.
    Thanks to a tweet by WomensMemoirs I discovered your book. I just read a sample at Amazon.com
    Soon I’ll be reading the rest.
    Your approach of what is a very personal story, linked to a tragic moment in time that touched many lives, will without a doubt bring understanding for the role of “replacement” children.

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