Ok, Universe, I’m Paying Attention — Now Stop It!

web-size-19351.jpgI am not by nature superstitious. In fact, I’ve been known to book airline tickets for the very date that a plane crashed into my family’s home many years ago.

But this year, January 22 made me stop in my tracks. There seemed to be a plethora of horrific events. I first heard about the shooting at a Texas community college mid afternoon, and was actually relieved to hear that it was not another mass shooting and no one was killed, although several were injured by gunfire. Apparently a shoot out that left more questions than answers.

In my home state of Connecticut, where we need no more bad news, a small plane crashed in Danbury. Again, gratefully, those on board walked away and no one on the ground was killed or injured.

But luck had run out by the third news item of this day. Two young girls died in a house fire in Putnam, Connecticut. It chilled me when I read that the mother, who suffered minor injuries, is pregnant with twins. My prayers are with that mother, and also for her children.

I think I’ll just lay low and stay home every January 22.  Oh, wait, that might not work either.

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