NIEA Award for Replacement Child – A Memoir

When you spend four years writing the story that you always knew you had to write, the last thing on your mind is awards. Yes, you want to know that others believe your book is good, that it is authentic and touches people, but it’s not top of mind. Writing something as personal as a memoir is like undressing in public. Why do we do it? Only another memoirist might understand that to write something so revealing there must be an underlying passion for truth.  The whole story often has craggy edges that serve to unmask character and answer a basic question–who am I in my own life story.

After saying all that, it is so very gratifying to have just been awarded a finalist award in the memoir category from the National Indie Excellence Awards.  I am in the company of some fabulous books and thrilled to be recognized.  Thanks NIEA!

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