My Brain on #LOST

I’m waking up wondering what year it is. How will I find the cabin? Do I really need to push the button? I almost expect to look in the mirror and see blood dripping from one nostril. But I am consoled to find my constant by my side. All will be well, as long as he doesn’t tell me “what I can’t do.”

I came to LOST late–what was I thinking!? My husband and I got hooked into this last season of LOST and have been trying to catch up on all five previous seasons in between watching the new episodes. No one warned us when we told friends and family who are LOST loyalists.  They probably wanted to see what would happen to us.  They are a cruel lot. I don’t think the human brain is meant to contain so many contradictions, plots, subplots, esoteric references and characters all at once.

Even the day’s headlines take on new meaning now that we are headed for the final episode of LOST.  When I read of “Candidates” in the paper, I don’t think of the primaries going on in Arkansas–I think, “who does Jacob have in mind now?” When I saw an article about physicists theorizing that the big bang should have produced a void, and not the matter that ultimately created our solar system–I think “aha! those flashes of light, the time continuum–it all makes sense!”

Of course, it makes no sense yet.  I’m sorry to say that I have no theories about what it all means. I am, if you’ll excuse the expression, LOST. Except to say it means big ratings and huge advertising dollars for this Sunday’s final LOST episode.  I can’t imagine how they can tie all this together and answer all the questions that have been spinning around in my scrambled egg brain cells for the past couple of months. But I do have a twinkle of hope that the writers will accomplish the unimaginable.  After all–I believe in writers.  I do believe, I do believe, I do believe….  I was the one clicking my heals to get home, clapping for Tinker Bell, ringing the bell for the angels to get their wings.

As a writer, I find the themes and character building techniques on LOST fascinating.  I’d like to say they inspire me to write–but that would be a lie.  What LOST has inspired in me as a writer is catatonia.  The story has blocked out my capacity to think beyond the island, the smoke monster and Sawyer’s abs.  At least until Sunday’s LOST finale where we all hope to be released from the electromagnetic field that holds us suspended.

I have to admit I have been waiting for that LOST flash-sideways that has Jack and Sawyer as lovers, with Kate as their baby love child. It could happen!

Any LOST theorists out there? HELP!

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