Michael Brewer on the Road to Recovery

I was so glad to see that Michael Brewer is being released from the hospital in time for Christmas with his family. He is the 15-year-old who was burned over 60% of his body when a group of kids surrounded him, doused him with rubbing alcohol and set him on fire this past October.  Michael’s courage is obvious when you watch the video of him during rehab on the Today Show, and at CNN.com.

I remember my sister telling me about how she used to be lowered into a water tank for hydro therapy because she couldn’t tolerate rehab exercises any other way after some of her reconstructive surgeries.  Her surgeries went on for some 20 years after the plane crash and fire that critically burned her over 80% of her body.  Like Michael, they didn’t know if she would make it.  And, like Michael, she pulled through because of sheer determination.  I was so moved to see Michael attacking his exercises with such focus.  Hearing his mother talk about reserving her positive energy made me think of my mom too,  throughout all of my sister’s hospitalizations. Always looking to recovery and the positive result of each surgery.  These mothers share the knowledge that their children need their undivided positive cheerleading. Michael’s mother sees that she can’t waste her time or energy on negativity. Her son’s survival depends in part on her encouragement and support.

My heart goes to Michael Brewer and his family with prayers for his continued recovery, and a joyous holiday together.

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