#Memoir Writing, #Book Marketing, Fact vs Fiction–All Discussed in Interview

This past Friday’s interview with Women’s Memoirs was chock full of great questions from the loyal followers of this great blog for women memoirists. We talked about how to get around dicey family issues, whether to write that controversial family saga and risk the wrath of family members to tell the truth. How to reconcile imagined scenes and the inner workings of a “character’s” mind in your memoir.  And–what to do with your manuscript once it’s written–then published.

I hope you enjoy listening in to the recorded interview at www.womensmemoirs.com as much as I enjoyed our conversation. If you have any other questions for me, you can either leave them here on my blog, or on the Women’s Memoirs blog and I will be happy to answer you in those forums.  If you’d like a personal answer to a question, you can leave your question on my blog and mark it PERSONAL, with your email address and I will not post the comment–but will answer you individually if you like. (All of my blog posts are reviewed before posting live.)

Listen in at www.womensmemoirs.com!

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  1. admin says:

    Hi Judy “justonefoot,”
    I thought I would reply briefly here to your thoughtful post. I’m so glad that you found the interview on womensmemoirs.com helpful and interesting. Here’s one more bit of advice that helped me a great deal when I first started writiing Replacement Child. Find a memoir that you love, that keeps your interest and dissect the format and structure and try it on for size with your own story, Even if it’s not quite the right fit for yours, it will move you along on the path of finding the right way to tell your own story. I also struggled with the fact that backstory was crucial, and is why I start my book the way I do.
    Good luck with yours! Keep in touch!
    Judy Mandel
    Replacement Child

  2. Judy says:

    Hello Judy! I can’t wait to read your book but in the meantime I have to say I really enjoyed the interview on womens memoirs. Great info that was very helpful. One question I seem to be struggling with is how to set up the story. I cant wait to read yours, to see how you did it, especially since it was discussed in that interview. I’ve been told its best to start with a big bang, a big hook, then weave your way back to the back story. But as you know, that can be tricky. My story is pretty dependent on you knowing the back story, to ‘get’ the end result, which would include the big bang. Yours is much the same, the big bang part determines your story line. Now that you’ve successfully survived it, any thoughts or tricks about it you might have found?

    And advice (beyond the note cards spread all over the house) or maybe resources that would have tutorials on setting up the story line for an engaging memoir? I used to think that all memoirs that sold well had to have sex, drugs and rock and roll as their theme or woven in somewhere, but the more I read them, the more I see the place on the shelves for more heartfelt, ‘wholesome’ stories. That was a relief, I must say.

    If you are ever in the upstate NY area (near Albany) let me know. I’d love to meet you and have you sign my book. 🙂


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