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Publishers Weekly

“. . . Mandel explores how a freak accident altered the fate of her family. . . By cleverly shifting between recent years and the day of the crash, Mandel weaves together chapters of real and imagined scenes building to the inevitable . . . 

The book grapples with the random forces that shape modern life. The parents who survive and overcome the death of a child emerge as true heroes . . .” Read more here.

The Star-Ledger

“The unthinkable happens every day. But it’s not every day that a writer turns it into art. Judy L. Mandel deconstructs the anatomy of a horrendous accident and how it transformed her family. Mandel’s sharp reporting skills make this much more than a memoir.” Read more here.

Kirkus Reviews calls Replacement Child  “. . . dramatic and resonant.”

“Judy Mandel has transformed her story into a riveting work that touches on the dynamics of all troubled families. She offers an in-depth look at what it means to grow up a replacement child, an issue never before addressed in memoir, while lifting the veil on the secret nature of grief and the far-reaching effects of tragedy. Her stark honesty and gripping prose make this book a page-turner, with all the tension of a well-crafted novel.”   Kaylie Jones, author of Lies My Mother Never Told Me

“Mandel’s memoir is as riveting and gut wrenching as any piece of thriller fiction I’ve read. Once I started, I couldn’t put this book down until I reached what I knew would be the inevitable unavoidable disaster that had been the reason for the author’s existence.” Wendy Thomas, Bookpleasures.comDownload the full review here.

“I am not sure that I have read a book like this before.  Her story…is a very unique one, and one that I found captivating.”  Simon Barrett, Blogger News NetworkDownload the full review here.

“This book really takes you on a journey of one persons struggle to examine who they are and where they came from.” The Social Frog.comDownload the full review here.

“This was a very powerful memoir…  I would definitely recommend picking this one up.”  Raging Bibliomania.netDownload the full review here.

“This touching tale of healing and understanding explores the sometimes unconscious expectations of love…”  Hartford MagazineDownload the full review here.

“How does it feel when you find out you’re a replacement? “Replacement Child” is the poignant reflections of Judy Mandel as she reflects on her parent’s tragedy before she was born, drawing on wisdom she gains as a daughter who turned into a mother herself. A touching story any parent will relate to when they have to make tough choices about their children and live their lives full of regret. “Replacement Child” is touching and is a memoir that should not be overlooked by grieving parents.”  Midwest Book Review , Bookwatch

“Judy Mandel… uses the fire from which she was born, to forge a brave, self-revelatory quest toward truth and understanding.”  Tracy Kauffman-Wood, Women’s Memoirs, Book RavesDownload the full review here.