Laboring over last revisions

Replacement Child

The last edits and revisions on Replacement Child – A Memoir are finally completed. It’s been a more emotional ride than I’ve ever had editing –even the many revisions and re-writes on this manuscript. Re-visiting all the stories from my childhood, that all included my sister Linda, was more wrenching now than it was when I first wrote them because of Linda’s sudden death this July. I found myself again engrossed in our story and my memories, and sometimes ignoring my mission to correct commas and spelling errors for the galley.With my sister’s passing the texture of my memories has changed. While I was proofreading it, I had to stop and put it down often to collect myself. There were moments when I actually reached for the phone to call my sister to check out some fact that’s still bugging me.I am so grateful that I gave my sister the manuscript to read earlier this year. Now I can at least be sure that she approved of it. She knew she was helping me along the way, for the last four years, filling in the gaps of my memory and telling me new information that, as the little sister, I never knew. But, she never asked to read it until I offered. The day before she died, she chose the cover for the book.I wish she were here right now.

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