It’s Just a Cover! #Self-Published to Traditional: One #Writer’s Journey blog

Well, it’s really not just a cover. The cover is the first impression your book makes on a reader. And we all know what they say about first impressions. For a book, it can mean the difference between being picked up and read or being left on the shelf. No one wants that. Not you. Not your publisher. Surely not your agent. So I can justify all the angst I feel about working on iterations of my new cover with my publisher.

Of course, the cover also has to reflect the content and feel of the book. You don’t want someone picking up your book expecting steamy sex scenes because of the naked man and woman on the cover only to be disappointed with, say, a deep dive into the relationship of a man with his dog. That would be wrong. So, truth is important to consider in the process.

All this to preface that I am happy to report a near final cover for the new edition of Replacement Child being published by Seal Press in April 2013. And it is a beautiful cover incorporating a very truthful reflection of my story. We went around a bit about colors, fonts and styling details, but all for the benefit of the result. I’m pretty sure I have been more of a pain than some other authors on this point because of my background in marketing. And I’m told that previously self-published authors tend to have more of an issue with ownership and control of their books. Me? Control issues? Ha!

I give a great deal of credit to my editor and the creative team at Seal Press in working closely with me and responding to my concerns by addressing substantive changes that we agreed on. Now I can truthfully say I love the new cover!

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