More Replacement Children Come Forward


Judy Mandel at Borders, Denver

At my very first book signing this Sunday, I met a few more people who identified with being a ‘replacement child.’ Also, after an interview appeared in my local paper (read it here) I received more emails from others who wanted to talk to me about either being a replacement child, or being a parent who made the decision to have a child after a child died. I hope to connect with them all in the next couple of weeks.

As I said, this was my first event for Replacement Child and actually my first book signing event period! I was very excited to get to the Borders in Denver and see that they had actually ordered a good quantity of my books and set up a wonderful signing table near the main traffic area of the store. Any published author knows that these events may or may not draw fans. Since my book only came out a few weeks ago, I was skeptical, but found that there were many people interested! Frankly, I was delighted just to be there with a table full of my books. Four years was a long time to birth this baby!

Friday I’ll be in Arizona at the Borders in Scottsdale on The Waterfront at 5 pm. Come join me if you are nearby! What a great ride I am having!

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