First Classes

Here’s what I brought to my first workshop at Stony Brook:

  • my lunch–a ham on hard roll, honey mustard
  • notebook with short stories to be discussed
  • directions to the building
  • my train tickets

Here’s what I left with:

  • a feeling that my head might explode (in a good way)
  • great respect for my instructor, Roger Rosenblatt
  • gratefulness to be in this class
  • a sense of awe around my craft and how much I don’t know
  • a new inspiration to get down to hard work

2 Commentsto First Classes

  1. Dear Judy,
    I think we should publish a guide to going back to school when your children are old enough to buy you beer. Chapter One would be “How to Connect with your Classmates.” I waited an entire semester and finally connected with people in the final two weeks by socializing after class. It was a pleasure being in your class – you’re a great writer. Enjoy the student discounts – I hope your ID picture looks better than mine! – Cathy Z

    • admin says:

      What a great idea Cathy. Just saw your post here–I’ve been away from this for awhile. My ID picture is awful!

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