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#Copyedit: #Self-Published to Traditional: One #Writer’s Journey (3)


Oh my! How quickly I forgot the torture of re-reading my manuscript. That might be an exaggeration, but getting back the copyedit from my publisher was like déjà vu all over again.  In all honesty, she did a fabulous job copyediting my book and had some very good catches.  We have a few minor disagreements in places, but nothing major.  It was, as the copyeditor said, “a light edit.” Our most substantial discussion is about commas.  But writers know that commas are the bane of our existence.  There are so many conflicting rules regarding simple series lists, complex listings and commas before conjunctions. … Read more

First Classes

Here’s what I brought to my first workshop at Stony Brook:

  • my lunch–a ham on hard roll, honey mustard
  • notebook with short stories to be discussed
  • directions to the building
  • my train tickets

Here’s what I left with:

  • a feeling that my head might explode (in a good way)
  • great respect for my instructor, Roger Rosenblatt
  • gratefulness to be in this class
  • a sense of awe around my craft and how much I don’t know
  • a new inspiration to get down to hard work

What a Kick

Hard to believe, but I have a student ID again.  It didn’t really hit me until I held my new shiny card in my hand and looked at that awful picture — “I’m a student again.”  I couldn’t help but burst out laughing at the thought.  The 20-somethings waiting in line all turned to look at the crazy lady old enough to be their mother.

The snow got in my way of going to the official orientation and getting my ID, so yesterday I drafted my son Justin to come with me on the four hour excursion.  We managed to travel on the only day I’ve seen the sun shine around here for weeks, so the drive and the ferry ride were actually very pleasant and even fun.… Read more

On My Way to An MFA

You would think I had enough reading and writing after all these years, but no! I just enrolled in an MFA program with Stony Brook Southampton.  Last summer I went to their summer workshop and came home energized and ready to tackle more writing projects of my own in addition to my marketing writing for my business.

But there was more. Once I was home and back into my routine I realized that I missed having that writing community.  At one time, I had found a group of writers nearby that encouraged each other, critiqued one another and were in each others’ corner no matter what.… Read more