Back from a whirlwind trip to the BookExpo in NYC and slowly decompressing.  It truly is mind boggling to be in the midst of thousands of new books, authors, publishers and everything related to the book world in one building.  Print books seem to be alive and well if the turnout for this event is any indication.  I missed many of the high profile events– the Duchess of York, Condoleezza Rice, Jon Stewart, John Grisham and even Barbara Streisand. I have to admit I was pretty focused on my own two author signings of REPLACEMENT CHILD. I was still in a little bit of a fog from the last week when I learned my book had won a book award from NIEA, and then I got a call from to talk about the John Travolta and Kelly Preston news that they were expecting.  The topic of replacement child was breaking news for a little while. The article came out the day before I left for NY.

This was my first foray into the big city as publisher and author and I was a little nervous. Did I bring enough books? Too many? Would anyone show up for my signings? Do I have time to put my new book award stickers on all the books?  So many authors and books were flying around, I wondered if anyone knew anything about my book or cared.  Luckily my biggest fan was with me for many kinds of support – my son Justin. Not only could he reach the top of my pull up poster to secure it, he could reach down into the depths of my insecurities and pull me up in the nick of time! What a kid!  His company many have been the best thing about taking the trip.

So–that said, I was surprised and excited when my books started flying off the table at my first signing.  People had looked for me! They had heard of REPLACEMENT CHILD! Some had seen my recent interview on, and some librarians had been asked for my book by their patrons.  A few self-described replacement children also found me and shared their own stories. Wow–I was in heaven! Here’s a photo Justin took of me at the IBPA booth signing on Wednesday:


Books were all gone by the time we thought to take a photo! We have to get better at this!

Later we walked around the hall scouting books and because we were both wearing our REPLACEMENT CHILD tee shirts we got more questions about the book.  One librarian stopped me to ask how she could get the book for her library because she had a request for it.

The next day was my book signing at the official Autographing area of the show.  More nerves because these people really have to choose to find you for the signing.  And there were much more well-known books and authors lined up next to me this time.  It turned out that my ‘people’ did find me.  It wasn’t an avalanche of people like the day before, but a steady stream until again my books were gone and I had put them in the hands of savvy readers, bloggers, booksellers and –ok, I’m really not sure who exactly – but more people are now reading REPLACEMENT CHILD  because of it!

Here’s a photo of that day’s signing:


I asked everyone who got a signed copy of REPLACEMENT CHILD to write to me here after they read the book, and I’m asking again for those who have found my website and blog. I want to hear from you!

Hope you all had a spectacular time at BEA 10!

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