#Self-Published to Traditional: One #Writer’s Journey: New Cover In!


Soooo—I haven’t written in a couple of weeks because nothing new was happening and I didn’t want to waste your time. But now things are heating up and I am getting excited—which means I need to blog to you.

As you see above, we have finalized the new cover for Replacement Child. I hope you like it! Also this week I got word that my publicist is on board and we are working on the plans going forward.

 New Release Date!

Also, the release date for #Replacement Child has been moved up to March 2013—so that is big news too.

A New To-Do List

My to-do list now includes setting up a new Facebook page for the book, customizing my Twitter account and creating a new book trailer video.  I’ll be blogging all the while of course.

 Help Me Decide: Launch Party?

One of my decisions is whether to have a physical launch party for the book when it is released in March. If I decide to do that, where to have it? I have so many new friends in New York City that I would want to invite, but also my local pals.

What do you think? Launch party? Where?

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