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#Self-Published to Traditional: One #Writer’s Journey: New Cover In!


Soooo—I haven’t written in a couple of weeks because nothing new was happening and I didn’t want to waste your time. But now things are heating up and I am getting excited—which means I need to blog to you.

As you see above, we have finalized the new cover for Replacement Child. I hope you like it! Also this week I got word that my publicist is on board and we are working on the plans going forward.

 New Release Date!

Also, the release date for #Replacement Child has been moved up to March 2013—so that is big news too.… Read more

It’s Just a Cover! #Self-Published to Traditional: One #Writer’s Journey blog

Well, it’s really not just a cover. The cover is the first impression your book makes on a reader. And we all know what they say about first impressions. For a book, it can mean the difference between being picked up and read or being left on the shelf. No one wants that. Not you. Not your publisher. Surely not your agent. So I can justify all the angst I feel about working on iterations of my new cover with my publisher.

Of course, the cover also has to reflect the content and feel of the book. You don’t want someone picking up your book expecting steamy sex scenes because of the naked man and woman on the cover only to be disappointed with, say, a deep dive into the relationship of a man with his dog.… Read more

#Copyedit: #Self-Published to Traditional: One #Writer’s Journey (3)


Oh my! How quickly I forgot the torture of re-reading my manuscript. That might be an exaggeration, but getting back the copyedit from my publisher was like déjà vu all over again.  In all honesty, she did a fabulous job copyediting my book and had some very good catches.  We have a few minor disagreements in places, but nothing major.  It was, as the copyeditor said, “a light edit.” Our most substantial discussion is about commas.  But writers know that commas are the bane of our existence.  There are so many conflicting rules regarding simple series lists, complex listings and commas before conjunctions. … Read more

#Self-Publishing to Traditional: One #Writer’s Journey (2)

Letting Go Of Editing Fear

Writers tell me they are interested in hearing about the editing process with a traditional publisher after having self-published. What happens if you don’t agree with your new editor? What if you hate the newly designed cover? How do you negotiate? Or is that even an option?

I can only talk about my own experience so far, and I’ll share as much as possible here as things progress to publication. Right now my manuscript is being copy edited. That’s not to say it hasn’t been copy edited before. It has. At least four times by different eyes other than mine.… Read more

Self-Publishing to Traditional: One Writer’s Journey

For my writer friends asking how it’s going switching my memoir from being self-published to traditional publishing, I thought I might give some ongoing reports. It’s quite a journey for me, and a lesson in loosing up control. In many ways that part is difficult for me, but in more ways it is a freeing experience.

First, I have to say that the excitement of having my first book published by Seal Press (April 2013) is sometimes overwhelming.  It is the dream I had when I labored over the manuscript for four years. But, that’s not a new story for any writer.… Read more

To bear witness

“I write in order to bear witness to life. ” Herta Muller.

#Seal Press “Nabs” Replacement Child #Memoir

Announcement of the sale of my memoir Replacement Child to Seal Press appeared in Publishers Weekly this week! I couldn’t be more excited! It will be published in the spring of 2013. Many thanks to my wonderful agent, Rita Rosenkranz.

Here is the announcement as an attachment: PW deal notice for Replacement Child.