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OMG–sold 9,640 ebooks

I couldn’t believe it when I checked my sales figures, but the ebook for Replacement Child has sold 9,640 books in the last 3 months. In shock.

Watch a Reading of Replacement Child

In April, I was invited to read from my book Replacement Child at Central Connecticut State University. You can watch the video of that reading here. Just scroll down the page to the video.

Hope you enjoy it!

New Radio Interview for Replacement Child

New #radio interview for Replacement Child. Listen to Meet the Author interview of Judy Mandel.

Listen Live–Radio Interview on WXCI

Meet the Author is a wonderful radio show dedicated to highlighting new books by authors in Connecticut and New York. My interview will be live at this Thursday 5/20 at 9:30 am and again on Sunday 5/23 at 9:30 am.

Hope you enjoy it, and follow the show for other great books.

Crash Anniversary January 22 – And a Trip to Remember

I scheduled a flight this year on the 58th anniversary of the plane crash that took my sister’s life, changed the lives of everyone in my family, and was the very reason I was born. Usually, my sister Linda would have sent me a warning email or called me to tell me not to plan a flight on this day. But, she’s gone now, so no warnings came when I planned this trip to LA for a book signing.

It was the last actual booksigning scheduled for the launch of Replacement Child, and I made it into a mini vacation for me and my husband to explore California together a bit. … Read more

Replacement Aunt?

Heading off to Florida today for a book signing event at the Palm Beach Bookstore tomorrow, Dec. 5th at 1:30.  My heart is conflicted in making this trip.  My nieces, my sister’s daughters, are there and I am truly happy to be seeing them both–as well as my sister’s grandsons.  They have planned a reception of friends to welcome my Florida book event–and that touches me very deeply. The last time I was in Florida this summer, though, I witnessed my sister’s last breath and said goodbye to my first best friend. When we were growing up and would have the inevitable fights and slamming of doors that all sisters have, my mother would break in with “when I’m gone, you’ll have each other–now make up!”… Read more

More Replacement Children Come Forward

At my very first book signing this Sunday, I met a few more people who identified with being a ‘replacement child.’ Also, after an interview appeared in my local paper (read it here) I received more emails from others who wanted to talk to me about either being a replacement child, or being a parent who made the decision to have a child after a child died. I hope to connect with them all in the next couple of weeks.

As I said, this was my first event for Replacement Child and actually my first book signing event period! I was very excited to get to the Borders in Denver and see that they had actually ordered a good quantity of my books and set up a wonderful signing table near the main traffic area of the store.… Read more