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This is a bit of a different kind of podcast for me. It’s a very honest and personal talk with a friend about Asian hate in America, and really about all forms of racial hatred. Rachel Wong and I are friends through writing workshops and classes. We’ve talked recently about the rise of anti Asian violence in the country. I wanted to talk to Rachel about her up close experiences in NYC, what has changed in the last few years and through the pandemic, what’s basically the same and her thoughts about what we can do about it. I also want to ask her about her book, since it focuses on Anti-Asian hate.

Rachel Wong became a writer at 14 when she sold her first non-fiction short story to a magazine. She has worked for tech startups, agencies, even an international law firm. In her free time, she helps run monthly board game socials and collects rare plants.  She has two degrees in Creative Writing (BA + MFA) and her current (and longstanding) project is a speculative fiction YA novel called Catalyst. She lives in New York City.

I asked Rachel what she recommends for action to combat Asian hate and she suggests the following:

Biden signed AAPI protections into law but we need more action on a state level. Please petition your local leaders to sign protections for these increased race-based hate crimes. California and New York, big cities in particular, have a spike in these crimes.

There are a few funds that I can recommend:

– Hate Is A Virus commUNITY Action fund

– #StopAsianHate: Support AAF (Asian American Federation) gofundme campaign

– AAPI Community Fund

If you don’t have money to spare but have time, volunteer groups like Compassion in Oakland and “Community Angels” in NYC chinatown chaperone Asian elders who go out on errands, so they won’t be alone

For education and resources.: (great foundation that also does “gift a meal” funds for the needy)

An op-ed about Asian-Black Solidarity:

More of “what we can do:”

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