OMG! #Replacement Child is NY Times Best Seller!

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Just heard that Replacement Child is a NY Times Best Seller! Thank you Seal Press! Thank you anyone who has read Replacement Child. Of course, thank you Al, Florence, Linda and Donna.#NYTimesBestseller @SealPress

Author: Judy

Author of Replacement Child (Seal Press), to be released March 2013.

4 thoughts on “OMG! #Replacement Child is NY Times Best Seller!”

  1. GOOD! I am a replacement child, and still processing my feelings about my childhood experiences. Lonliness and isolation tend to filter my perspective since no one shares their experience of being a replacement. I am a therapist and I am working toward creating a group for replacement to share. Hard to find us…we must be willing to self-identify too. I share your book with my clients who talk about this so that they can begin to see themselves…AND THAT THEY ARE NOT ALONE!

    THANK YOU for bravely telling your story.

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