Help Haiti's People

I watched the news this morning and cried as I watched a woman rescued from the rubble, her husband heralding all the help of his neighbors.  They were powerless to lift her out of the tumbled structure of concrete until the LA Firemen showed up with their equipment. After three hours, they lifted her out and she burst into song, joined by the crowd around her, thanking God for saving her life. When the reporter leaned in to ask her if she thought she would survive, she said “Yes, why not?”  I laughed through the tears now streaming down my face. Why not, of course.

Turning off the news of Haiti, I feel guilty, like I am turning my back on their suffering. What right do I have to come into my office and my computer, my writing, my life going on uninterrupted while their loved ones are dying from simple infections because of lack of antibiotics and medical care? One mother said she would rather her daughter die than have her leg amputated. The life of an amputee is grim in Haiti. When I turned off that report, they were still searching for another relative to give permission for the amputation to save the child’s life.

For those of us of modest means, all we can do is to give to reputable charities that are getting aid to Haiti right now.  They will need so much help to start to recover. I can only add my voice to the plea.

Text Your Donation:

Text “Haiti” to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross. The $10 will be charged to your phone bill.

Give More:

Click here to give to the Red Cross, which is my choice of a trusted entity getting help to Haiti.

#Desperate Housewives and Psych Link

So–I’m looking out my window and this big old black crow is yelling at me in a hoarse voice. Staring right at me as I type and demanding that I pay attention. A friend’s words about the dead and how their souls take up residence in birds for a time after their death haunts me, makes me pay attention. How crazy do I sound?

Ok–so this will be a pretty disjointed post, to go along with how my mind works in abstract distracted thought patterns. Also why I have 10 different ideas for themes of my next book, and have started none yet.

First, watching mind junk TV last night I couldn’t help but draw parallels from Desperate Housewives to Replacement Child. How absurd is that? But, the plane crash into the little house, the killed and injured and saved, the subsequent loss of a child (Lynette’s baby) are so thematically reminiscent of my memoir, that I couldn’t let go of it. Will Lynette’s surviving twin be a replacement child? Will they continue to develop on the theme of her loss of her child as they started to do in last night’s episode?

And, then I see that Replacement Child just got a new review posted today that notes that the book would be a good read for those who counsel people who are going through the grieving process. I was delighted to see that they thought Replacement Child could be of some help in that regard. Even though the specifics of tragedies may differ, grief is remarkably the same. It is a process, and a little bird told me that it lessens but does not fly away.